ministry of magic

Ministry of Magic

In J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter arrangement of books, the Ministry of Magic is the representing body of the supernatural network of Britain, succeeding the prior Wizards’ Council. It is realized that different nations have their own Ministries of Magic. The activity of the Minister for Magic appears incorporate official, administrative and legal capacities. The Ministry has seven offices and numerous minor workplaces, to manage diverse parts of the wizarding scene. Diverse divisions impart through “Between departmental notices”, pale violet paper planes that will travel to their goal.

The British Ministry of Magic is situated in an underground area underneath London. It was uncovered in the main part of book six that the Ministry stay in contact with the British Prime Minister with the assistance of a wizard’s representation in the Prime Minister’s office that advises the Prime Minister when the Minister For Magic is arriving (ususally unavoidably). To enter the service, one must dial the number 62442 into a telephone corner and express one’s name and purpose behind entering. Passes are then issued (clearly through a supernatural framework) and the Phone corner at that point dives through the ground into the service’s entryway in Floor B8.

In books one through five Cornelius Fudge served in the situation of Minister of Magic, anyway he was sacked and Rufus Scrimgeour was given the post in book six. Underneath the Minister are different undersecretaries (most prominently Dolores Umbridge), and heads of different mystical divisions. The correct structure of intensity inside the service is generally obscure.

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