Whats up witches or wizards,

My mom bought me a publication about mythology in Harry Potter. That implies, you bought it, the satisfactory combo ever. Percy Jackson in Harry Potter! (Shout out to the Rick Riordan fans!) I’m just at the beginning of the fourth one and loving it!

So one in all todays story is about Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix manner lady warrior in Latin. It’s the female phrase from bellator which means that man warrior. These phrases each come from the same household because the word bellum which means that conflict.

Bellatrix can be a celeb from the constellation of Orion. It used to be a culture in the Black family to provide a name of a constellation or a celebrity to your youngsters. That indicates that she is expounded with Orion Black, her uncle on her father’s facet. 😀

the second is set Hermione and Athena and their resemblance. Through her intelligence, her advantage, her prudence and her knowledge, Hermione will also be when put next with Athena. Hermione is notably good in all areas to which Athena presides.

Now right here is the fun part I didn’t learn about: even as Athena devotes herself to the arts of weaving and embroidery, of which she is the appointed protector, Hermione knits hats, socks and scarves for the Hogwarts elves. 😉

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